Adam Schwartz

Good News Rescue Mission


Since 1964, Good News Rescue Mission has been bringing Good News to the poor, homeless, or needy of Shasta County, California. Their mission is to not only temporarily relieve their needs but to also invest in the lives of those wanting a different way. Adam Schwartz is one of these lives having graduated from their New Life Recovery Program almost 10 years ago. A husband, father, and entrepreneur it is a part of Adam's life mission to tell his story and mentor those who have walked through the same paths he has.


Good News Rescue Mission's goal is to meet the needs of those wanting helping. RUUT sought out to tell one of the many impactful stories to come out from their multiple community programs. Traveling with a team of talented and dedicated filmmakers, RUUT was able to visually capture Adam's story and create a film with the level of depth and impact it deserves.


5 Shoot days
8TB Content
18 Locations